The basic expectations of how a moderator should behave.

We do not like tough, and strict people who kick or ban players for the smallest things. We want patient, calm, and collective individuals to be in this team. We are seeking for nice and friendly people who cares about the community and is here to be part of our community.

We like people who are not super strict, relaxed individuals that talks to the community just like any other player. At the end of the day, a moderator is still part of the community. They are here to have fun with players and do not have to be constantly stressed about having to deal with rule breakers.

Always follow this manual for information on handling situations. Contact myst if you have doubts.

Any situation that is not included in this manual shall be reported to myst. If the situation is urgent, the moderator will decide on the punishment.

Fake Rules

Enforcing fake rules is strictly prohibited and will get you terminated immediately.

Moderator Chat

Excessive use of moderator chat commands, such as !csay is not allowed.


We do not expect everyone to be active all the time. But we expect you to notify us of any long-term breaks you are taking from moderating in advance.

If we are not notified of any reason why you are not active over a long period of time, you will be removed from the team.

2nd Chances

It is up to the moderator to decide if a player should be given a second chance. This is purely based on the situation.

If the offense is not that severe or if the player does not seem to have done it intentionally, a second chance may be given to that person.

When a second chance is given, the player should be notified about it and warned of the actions taken the next time he commits it again.

No favoritism, and no third chances allowed.