List of the available moderation tools to manage the Discord server.



Player Management

  1. ?kick 'user' 'reason'

  2. ?ban 'user' 'time' 'reason'

  3. +softban 'user' 'reason'

  4. ?mute 'user' 'time(m)' 'reason'

  5. ?deafen 'user'

  6. +warning

    • +warning add 'user' 'reason'

    • +warning search 'user'

    • +warning void 'id'

Channel Management

  1. +remove

    • +remove all 'limit'

    • +remove user 'user' 'limit'

    • +remove contains 'content'

    • +remove embeds 'limit'

    • +remove reactions 'limit'

  2. ?lock '#channel' 'time' 'reason'

Revoke Actions

  1. ?unban 'user' 'reason'

  2. ?unmute 'user'

  3. ?undeafen 'user'

  4. ?unlock '#channel'


Player Management

  1. ?kick - Kick a user

  2. ?ban - Ban a user

  3. +softban - Kicks a user and deletes all their recent messages

  4. ?mute - Mute a member so they cannot type or speak, time limit in minutes

  5. ?deafen - Deafen a member

  6. +warning

    • +warning add - Adds a new warning

    • +warning search - Shows a user's warnings

    • +warning void - Voids a warning

Channel Management

  1. +remove

    • +remove all - Deletes all messages in the limit regardless of what it says and who sent it

    • +remove user - Deletes messages sent by the given members

    • +remove contains - Deletes messages that contain a given keyword. This must be at least 3 letters long

    • +remove embeds - Deletes messages that contain any embeds or attachments

    • +remove reactions - Removes reactions posted to all messages within the range.

  2. ?lock - Lock a channel with optional timer and message