List of the stuff to moderate the Discord server.

Moderation commands

Player Management
?kick <user> <reason>
?ban <user> <time or 0> <reason>
0 = Permanent
?tempban <user> <time> <reason>
?softban <user> <time> <reason>
?mute <user> <time> <reason>
?hardmute <user> <time> <reason>
pls roleban <user>
Takes away all of a user’s roles and adds a “rolebanned” role. The player with this role will only see #jail
?warn <user> <reason>
Warns a player
?warns <user>
Shows a list of warns the player has
Channel Management
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    user <user> <limit>
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Deletes messages
eg: ?purge user @Leeroy#7153 10
to delete Leeroy messages in 10 lines
pls snipe
Recovers the most recently deleted (or edited)
message in a channel
pls slowmode <seconds>
Apply slowmode on a channel
pls lockout <user>
Prevents the user from being able to type in the channel
pls lockdown
Close off a channel
?lockdown server
Close off every channel
Role Management
?role <member> <role>
Adds/removes a role from the specified member
?temprole <member> <time> <role>
Adds a role for some time
removes it after the time is up
pls pingable <role>
Makes a role pingable only once
Revoke Actions
?unban <user> <reason>
?unmute <user>
pls urb <user>
Reverts the effects of pls roleban by
removing the rolebanned role
and returning the roles before being rolebanned
Pro tip: Enable this option in your User Settings to fetch a person's Discord ID
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