Punishments v2

We punish violators depending on how often they repeat offenses.

https://titan.tf/profiles < To find the player's Titan.TF's profile

You MUST warn the player before performing a punishment action.

Strikes are increased by one every time the player has done anything that violates the Rule of Conduct. (Global record)

Steps to perform

  1. Open console and type status

  2. Get the player's STEAM_ID

  3. Go to https://titan.tf/profiles and find the player's Titan.TF profile

  4. Check how many Strikes they have

  5. Punish the player according to which cases they did + how many Strikes they are at

  6. Increase their Strikes by 1 on their Titan.TF profile!

The Strike feature is not ready yet. Is just an idea.

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